Saturday, 21 May 2011



1. Films
2. Video Clips
3. Where to buy (cheap shipping worldwide)


Here are a few sites i look to first if I'm thinking of seeing a new film.

Thomas McKenzie's 1 Minute Video Review
I think he's an anglican vicar but his reviews generally give you a helpful quick look at the film.

The Guardian Film Review
They'll give the film a pretty critical looking over, especially Peter Bradshaw, I'm not sure he likes films. Generally I look here for a laugh. They seem to hate all films. If they score it high though, it must be amazing!

Film & Theology (Mars Hill) 
Theological looks into films. These are from Mars Hill (Mark Driscoll's) Church. These are often very interesting. He often looks at ways that the films themes mirror the biblical themes of redemption.

Christian Spotlight on the Movies
This is a helpful website for checking whether the film has any content that you'd want to watch out for. They'll generally give you a heads up for any scenes that you may want to look the other way for. Although as reviews go they generally give away the ending so probably skip the plot synopsis and the end of the review.

Christianity Today 10 Most redeeming Film Lists
Every year Christianity Today magazine releases a list of the top 10 most redeeming films of the year and I've compiled them into a single post here.


Here are some links to videos I've posted online on various topics.


The cheapest places I've found to buy DVDs worldwide is probably ebay (US or UK) or (free worldwide shipping)